carl of duty: black cops II takes place in 2552 and you play as elite merikan soldier john 117 and you go about killing cubans. Some sexy motherfucker gets mad at you because you shoot him in the face (wow this guy is such a baby). Oh and that cool guy from the first blops game is in this one but he's old and hates everything. Anyway then you go to some nightclub with that guy from the walking dead and you dance to some WUBUWUWBUWBUBWUWBUBWUSKRILLEXWUBWBUWBUBWUBWUBWBWU but then you find some girl has a penis tattoed on her neck but the evil guy whose name is like defalcon or something takes her but you have a dance off and rescue her. Then you go on a boat but its the obama boat and you need to go the old grumpy guy again but then you go back to the obama boat then to some third world country then back to the obama boat then to the old guy then to the obama boat AND THEN FINALLY YOU GET TO GO TO LOS ANGELESES.

Then at the end it turns out a CoD FPS has more endings than Mass Effect 3.