Winter 1996 - Two SAS Operatives, Captain MacMillan and Lieutenant John Price, are sent to Prypiat in Ukraine to assassinate arms dealer, Imran Zakhaev. The pair successfully sneak past enemy patrols into a building, where they set up a Barret .50 Cal to assassinate Zakhaev.

<Price sniping Zakhaev (Cod4), then cut to Zakhaev escaping with Makarov and Yuri (MW3)>

Zakhaev's arm gets shot off, and heavily injured he runs to a jeep with a young Vladimir Makrov as the driver and Yuri as a passenger. They escape, essentially saving Zakhaev's life. Meanwhile Price and a now injured MacMillan are fighting their way to the extraction point, thinking their mission was a success.

Unknown Date 1997 - Alejandro Rojas becomes a freelance arms dealer and involves himself with many terrorist organizations.

Between 2001 and 2009 - Vladimir Makarov causes various terror attacks, robberies and hostage situations, causing him to receive over $2,100,100 worth of weapons, drugs and people.

Winter 2003 - Simon Riley returns from his first tour of duty in Afghanistan. He looks after his abused mother and helps clean up his drug-addicted younger brother.

Unknown Date before 2011 - Imran Zakhaev becomes the leader of the Ultranationalist party, a revolutionary political party and armed organization in Russia who wish to return the country back to what it was during the days of the Soviet Union.

Unknown Date 2009 - Simon Riley, Kevin Sparks, Marcus Washington and do st00f