so i have found out that ghost from cod6 is alive because at the start of lose ends ghost says "omg im glad we got fireproof vest because i have a feeling we might be betrayed and set alight" so mayb ghost new that shepard was gonna betrayed the tf141 becuase he aquired intel from price but didnt tell roach because roach like suprises but i have more prof in the mw3 trailer it says "a willy of a single man" with a picture of a ghost as a shadow so mayb he will come back in dlc to help price save soap from the nhs

so ya ik ghost isnt ded because of dis stuff and my nan works for treyarch and they said that ghost isnt ded

also i got a lot of intel y frank woods and reznob arent ded but ill save that for another tiem

--N7 [T|C] 23:35, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

P.S. Also, once you complete Modern Shitstain 3, you get to have a minigame where you have hotsex between Ghost, Overlord and Sarah Jessica Parker.