In (1), (2); so Link must (3). He must collect three (4) to get the (5). However, (6). So Link must do moar work to collect (7). He then gets the (8) sword, which he uses to defeat (9). However, it did not end here, as he still had to (10).

1 Ocarina of Time Twilight Princess A Link to the Past The Minish Cap The Wind Waker The Phantom Hourglass Spirit Tracks
2 Ganondorf must be stopped Zelda was kidnapped and the Twilight must be stopped Zelda was kidnapped Zelda got stoned Aryll was kidnapped Zelda's alter ego, Tetra, was kidnapped Zelda gets fragged
3 stop him save her save her restore her save her save her tell her where to go
4 Spiritual Stones Fused Shadows Medallions Elements Goddess's Pearls Spirits or four train tracks
5 Master Sword Master Sword Master Sword Picori Blade Master Sword GPS navigation plot to advance
6 this helps Ganondorf Zant takes the Fused Shadows Agahnim flees there's another element the blade is dull Tetra's a rock there's another dungeon
7 the Sages the Mirror Shards the Princesses the Wind Element two Sages the Pure Metals Byrne tells you about a fucking light compass
8 Light Arrow Light Golden Four sharp Master Phantom Lokomo
9 Ganondorf Zant Ganon Vaati some puppets Bellum Johnny Two-hats
10 beat Ganon free Zelda and beat Ganondorf three times listen to triangles for real beat Vaati beat Ganondorf save Linebeck Kill Malladus

Note that in Twilight Princess, steps 5 and 6 occur in reverse order.